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What is Canvas?

Heavyweight basketweave fabric used for casual trousers and jackets, bags, shoes, workwear, furniture coverings, drapes and awnings. It is also used by artists as a painting surface, stretched across a wooden frame. Canvas is strong and reasonably abrasion resistant. Modern canvas is mostly made of cotton or linen, along with polyester, although historically it was made from hemp. Canvas weave structure uses a pair of fine yarns in the warp, and a single, thicker yarn in the weft. This large weft yarn contributes to the stiffness and heavy weight of the fabric.

In apparel terms, canvas is an alternative to denim, therefore if the designer wants a fabric with a similar use to denim, but a different colour and texture, canvas can provide an interesting alternative.
100% polyester canvas is often used for industrial purposes such as furniture and awnings for more strength and durability.